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December 9, 2021

Shopee vs Lazada vs FB shop vs your own website?

Confused about which online selling platform is right for your Malaysian business? Explore the pros and cons of Shopee, Lazada, Facebook Shop, and your own website. Discover how Parcel Daily's powerful shipping solutions can empower your e-commerce journey, regardless of your chosen platform.

Understanding Your Business Needs:

The best online selling platform depends on your specific business goals. Consider the following:

  • Business stage: Are you new or established?
  • Branding: Do you prioritize building brand awareness?
  • Customer reach: How important is a large customer base?
  • Fulfillment: Do you require fulfillment solutions?
  • Data collection: Do you need to collect customer data for marketing?
  • Marketing control: Do you prefer greater control over marketing strategies?

Remember, the optimal solution might involve a combination of platforms for maximum impact.

Benefits of a Website:

Owning a website offers distinct advantages:

  • Brand storytelling: Clearly communicate your brand message and values.
  • Product & company details: Provide in-depth information about your offerings.
  • Brand trust: Foster trust and credibility with potential customers.
  • Data ownership: Collect valuable customer data for informed marketing decisions.
  • SEO potential: Improve search engine ranking through strategic optimization.
  • Greater control: Enjoy greater autonomy over how you sell and operate.

Driving Traffic to Your Website:

Beyond SEO, various strategies can attract visitors to your website:

  • Social media integration: Connect your website to Facebook and Instagram stores for additional exposure.
  • Social media engagement: Leverage social media platforms to build brand awareness and audience interaction.

Why Consider Lazada & Shopee:

Despite having a website, listing on Lazada and Shopee can be beneficial:

  • Massive audience: Reach a vast base of active buyers seeking new products.
  • Product discoverability: Increase product visibility and facilitate easy comparison with competitors.
  • Brand recognition: Enhance brand awareness and establish your presence in the market.

Complementary Approach:

Some businesses maintain websites for branding purposes while also utilizing verified shops on Shopee Mall or LazMall for wider reach. However, these premium options come with commission fees.

Alternative for Manufacturers & Small Businesses:

If branding isn't a top priority, manufacturers and small businesses can consider listing solely on Lazada or Shopee to benefit from:

  • Wider audience access: Tap into a large customer base without website setup costs.
  • Marketing opportunities: Leverage platform sales events and programs for increased visibility.

Competition & Additional Considerations:

Be prepared to face competition on marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. Invest in marketing, discounts, and promotions to stand out. Additionally, remember that Parcel Daily simplifies shipping for independent e-commerce stores by offering the most competitive rates and the most convenient pick-up services in Malaysia.

Flexible Payment Options:

While Lazada and Shopee provide diverse payment options, e-commerce stores can achieve similar functionality by choosing a flexible payment gateway and utilizing Parcel Daily's Cash On Delivery service.


This comprehensive analysis empowers you to make an informed decision on the most suitable online selling platform for your Malaysian business, considering your specific goals and priorities. Remember, regardless of your chosen platform, Parcel Daily is your trusted partner for streamlined and cost-effective shipping solutions.

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