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Parcel Daily's proud metrics

1 Million+

Over the last 4 years our customers have shipped more than 1 million packages across Malaysia with us

RM4 Million

Our customers have saved more than RM4 million by choosing Parcel Daily as their delivery partner

RM10 Million

Parcel Daily has successfully collected and remitted more than RM10 million in 'Cash-on-Delivery' orders

What our customers say

"The best courier company I’ve come across! They are very responsive and helpful. I really recommend this company to anyone who wants to get their parcel sent"
"Website is easy to use and has straightforward instruction. They delivered my parcel on time and in great condition. Would definitely used Parcel Daily again"
"Good service! Well organized parcel collection and delivery. Can’t expect better"
"Excellent customer service with quick and timely delivery! Highly recommended!!!"
"Responsive and speedy! My parcel did not get delivered because of wrong address. Parcel Daily actually notified me before DHL did. Thank God all I had to deal with was Parcel Daily and it was delivered on time after that. Thanks for saving my day!"
September 2017
Parcel Daily was founded! 🎂

"We were in the e-commerce business and understand how difficult it is to run an e-commerce firm, especially when it comes to after-sales service.

Courier partners are critical for ecommerce companies, but there's a lot of baggage that comes along with them. We wanted to address the problem and assist the ecommerce business to focus on sales and marketing rather than logistics.

Parcel Daily will help you with any courier-related concerns."

Khai Rong Lai, CEO of Parcel Daily

February 2018
We hit our first milestone and successfully started our partnership with PosLaju
January 2019
Just a year and a few thousand parcels later we expanded our partnership with DHL Ecommerce & Citylink Express
April 2019
Parcel Daily's 'Cash-On-Delivery' service was launched! 🎉

After months of hardwork and development we finally launched one of our most beloved services. Cash-On-Delivery.

Since the launch, we've processed more than RM10 million in cash-on-delivery orders!

April 2020
Introduced J&T Express as our latest courier partner!
December 2020
The Parcel Daily platform is officially launched! 🍾

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