Our Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection Act

In Parcel Daily, we prioritize the protection of personal data protection. We put great amount of effort in complying to legal and regulatory requirements for privacy and data protection. Hence, customers can entrust Parcel Daily, as we are committed in preventing inappropriate use of personal data.


The terms and conditions of carriage are as listed below:

  1. Data Subject is referred as the subject of personal data.
  2. Personal data is defined as any information required in commercial transactions, that directly or indirectly relates to a Data Subject. From these information, including those of sensitive nature or those in the form of opinion expression, Data Subject will be identified or is identifiable. Personal data encompasses, and are not limited to, the individual’s name, addresses, identity card number (MyKad), passport numbers, telephone and/or facsimile numbers, photographs, finger prints, email address and social media addresses.
  3. Through the acts of collecting, recording, holding or storing the personal data, as well as carrying out any operations on the personal data, you are by definition, processing the personal data.
  4. Examples of sensitive personal data are the Data Subject’s physical and mental health condition, the political opinions, the religious beliefs, the commission or alleged commission of any offence, etc.

Notice and Choice

  1. Personal data is collected directly from the Data Subject, through online application, registration and feedback form.
  2. Various personal data is being processed, including and not limited to your names, addresses, identity card numbers (MyKad), passport numbers, telephone numbers and/or facsimile numbers, photographs, finger prints and e-mail addresses and/or social medial addresses.
  3. Personal data is being processed for the purposes listed as below, as well as those purposes directly linked to the said purposes:
  4. To provide you with services under Parcel Daily’s business, including the supply or exchange of goods or services;
  5. To process your Parcel Daily program application or registration;
  6. As conferred and imposed by law, for Parcel Daily to exercise or to perform any right or obligation about candidates for employment.
  7. Under these following circumstances, personal data may be disclosed to third parties for legitimate business purposes:
  8. A background verification check that is required upon candidates for employment;
  9. When anticipating or during the course of an actual or potential sale, reorganization, consolidation, merger, amalgamation of all or part of operations or business;
  10. For the purposes of more targeted business preparation and operation, including processes that are related to advertising, marketing, publicity and communication.
  11. As conferred and imposed by law, for Parcel Daily to exercise or to perform any right or obligation about candidates for employment, in which the personal data of referee provided are also included.
  12. As when required by law, by order of a court of jurisdiction, by rule, direction or valid regulation, or by governmental authority and other relevant authority.
  13. Submission of personal data is obligated for the provision of services by Parcel Daily, all for the purpose of supply or exchange of goods and services, application processing, Parcel Daily program registration, employment application. Parcel Daily will not be able to provide complete services as intended should there be absent of or incomplete data submission.
  14. You are, by default, consenting the processing by Parcel Daily when submitting sensitive personal data.
  15. You are, by default, implying that you are authorized to do so, when providing and disclosing other individuals’ personal data, and that you are aware that these personal data may be processed by Parcel Daily for the relevant purposes as listed in “Notice and Choice No.3”.
  16. As the Data Subject himself/herself, you may withdraw your consent and limit the processing of personal data through writing in to Parcel Daily. Upon receiving the written notice, Parcel Daily will cease or limit the processing of personal data accordingly. For communication methods and details, please refer to “Access” section below.


  1. Parcel Daily will not disclose personal data for any purpose other than the intended purpose at the point of data collection and purpose(s) directly related to it, unless consented. Parcel Daily will not disclose personal data to a third-party other than those listed in “Notice and Choice No. 4”.


  1. Appropriate measures will be taken to ensure adequate protection of the personal data, to prevent from any loss, misuse, modification, unauthorized and accidental access and disclosure, modification or destruction during personal data processing.


  1. Apart from as permitted by law, personal data is retained only as long as necessary for its legitimate business purposes.

Data Integrity

  1. Please ensure that the submitted personal data are accurate, complete and not misleading.
  2. A notice in writing is required to update and correct your personal data, to ensure that the personal data are updated at all time. For communication methods and details, please refer to “Access” section below.


  1. As Data Subject, you are rightful to access, correct and update your personal data that is with Parcel Daily. Please send your request to Parcel Daily’s e-mail address as below: sales@parceldaily.com


  1. For inquiries on the personal data processing, please submit through e-mailing to Parcel Daily at sales@parceldaily.com.