E-Commerce Delivery & Shipping Services

We offer a range of shipping solutions to Malaysian businesses and e-commerce stores. Our team is always here to support your needs, so we can provide the best solution for you!

E-Commerce Delivery & Shipping Services

We offer a range of shipping solutions to Malaysian businesses and e-commerce stores. Our team is always here to support your needs, so we can provide the best solution for you!
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Increase your store conversions by offering 'Cash-On-Delivery'

With Parcel Daily any e-commerce store in Malaysia can now offer 'Cash-On-Delivery' as a payment method
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Why choose us as your delivery partner

We've got you covered

2 Million+

Over the last 4 years our customers have shipped more than 1 million packages across Malaysia with us

RM4 Million

Our customers have saved more than RM4 million by choosing Parcel Daily as their delivery partner

RM10 Million

Parcel Daily has successfully collected and remitted more than RM10 million in 'Cash-on-Delivery' orders

Manage your orders from the Parcel Daily dashboard

The Parcel Daily dashboard can be used to easily manage all your shipments, track packages and print airway bills by accessing it from one place.
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Integrate Parcel Daily on your ecommerce store

Reduce your workload by integrating Parcel Daily right in to your store & let our plugin do the work!
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Our delivery partners are tried-and-tested

Choose from our trusted partners to deliver your packages safely

Shipping solutions for Enterprises

We work with companies and businesses of all shapes and sizes to design the best possible logistics approach, tailored specifically to your company's unique needs!
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Delivery solutions for Enterprise

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What are the requirements to sign up?

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When will the courier come to pick up my parcel?

Our courier partners provide same day or next day pick up. The cut off time for same day pick up is 12pm. Any orders placed after 12pm will be picked up the next day and delivered the next business day.

Collection times are usually 2-7pm, but varies according to the courier.

Parcel Daily is not responsible for any failed pick up, be it as a result of users’ discretion or courier’s missed pick up. However, we will assist users in rearranging for a pick up should there be a failed pick up attempt. Parcel Daily does not guarantee successful collection of parcels by courier.

How many days does it take for my parcels to be delivered?

It will usually take 2-3 working days from the day of pickup or drop off for your parcel to be delivered. Out of delivery area (ODA) addresses might take longer time to deliver and may take 3-5 working days or more.

Parcel Daily is not responsible for any late delivery by the courier service provider.

Upon request, Parcel Daily will assist in checking the status of the delivery with the courier service provider

Can Parcel Daily handle large amounts of orders?

Yes, we are partnered with some of the biggest courier players in Malaysia. They are able to fulfil large amounts of orders throughout Malaysia.

Power your Ecommerce store with Parcel Daily

We aim to be the best delivery partner for Malaysia's growing e-commerce network
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Parcel Daily, Malaysia's Fastest Growing Ecommerce Delivery Partner
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