Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Parcel Daily perform pick up and delivery?

Yes, our trusted partners will pick up your packages from your location and deliver them to where they need to go. Our platform is integrated with multiple reputable courier service partners such as DHL E-commerce, J&T Express, Poslaju etc.

What are the minimum number of parcels for pick up service?

We have multiple courier choices, each courier has their own pick-up policy.

• DHL Ecommerce – minimum of 5 parcels
• J&T Express – minimum of 5 parcels
• Ninja Van – minimum of 5 parcels

This is not the full list, please check again when you get quote.

Are there bulk discounts?

We provide a wide range of services to fit your needs. Please contact our customer service team via our live chat for more information.

What are the requirements to sign up?

Simply click on 'Get started' to register and fill out the form with your valid email address and you're good to go.

When will the courier come to pick up my parcel?

Our courier partners provide same day or next day pick up. The cut off time for same day pick up is 12pm. Any orders placed after 12pm will be picked up the next day and delivered the next business day.

Collection times are usually 2-7pm, but varies according to the courier.

Parcel Daily is not responsible for any failed pick up, be it as a result of users’ discretion or courier’s missed pick up. However, we will assist users in rearranging for a pick up should there be a failed pick up attempt. Parcel Daily does not guarantee successful collection of parcels by courier.

Can I specify a time for pick up?

No, collection times are usually 2pm - 7pm.

What happens if my shipment isn't picked up within the time frame?

Parcel Daily will help you reschedule a new pick up. To get assistance with making the appropriate arrangements, please contact our customer care staff via live chat.

Other alternatives are:
• Switch to drop off
• You can drop off the parcels at the branches of the respective couriers, or any points authorised by the courier companies such as ParcelHub MAIL BOXES ETC (MBE).
• Cancel the order and rebook for another courier.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the delays. Parcel Daily ONLY serves as an intermediary platform that provides shipping solutions. We are not responsible for any service level issues.

Please note failed collection can happen due to a number of reasons such as:

• Traffic congestion
• Overload in orders
• COVID restrictions
• Unable to locate sender's address
• Unable to contact sender

How many days does it take for my parcels to be delivered?

It will usually take 2-3 working days from the day of pickup or drop off for your parcel to be delivered. Out of delivery area (ODA) addresses might take longer time to deliver and may take 3-5 working days or more.

Parcel Daily is not responsible for any late delivery by the courier service provider.

Upon request, Parcel Daily will assist in checking the status of the delivery with the courier service provider

What should I do if my parcel has not been delivered to the recipient after an extended period of time?

You can contact our customer support team to check the status of the delivery with the courier companies.

Parcel Daily will only assist with orders that were placed through our platform. You are required to provide the tracking ID and your registered email in order for us to assist you in the process.

Who should I contact if there are any issues after I place an order?

Parcel Daily. We are your point of contact for any courier related matters and will liaise on your behalf with the courier service provider.

I made a mistake while filling out the booking form and need to correct it.

You are advised to cancel the existing order and recreate a new one.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, as long as the parcel has not been picked up by the courier or dropped off at any collection point.

Currently, to cancel any shipments, you will have to contact our customer service team via live chat and provide the reason, tracking ID, and registered email. We shall assist you in making the cancellation.

Parcel Daily will reimburse the credit to your account in The process shall take 3-5 working days.


Is it possible to ship parcels internationally with Parcel Daily?

Not yet. International deliveries with Parcel Daily will be available in the near future.

Can I send frozen goods?

Not yet. Our integration with cold chain supply logistic partners will be available in the near future.

Are there any restrictions on what I can send out with Parcel Daily?

Yes, we have a list of prohibited items – please refer to this list; prohibited items.

How do I make a payment?

All you need to do is register an account and click on top-up, select the desired top-up amount and follow the steps.

How does Parcel Daily charge?

Our courier rates are charged primarily based on the weight of the parcel.

Is it possible to deliver goods all around Malaysia?

We have several couriers available who service all of Malaysia's postcodes.

Can Parcel Daily handle large amounts of orders?

Yes, we are partnered with some of the biggest courier players in Malaysia. They are able to fulfil large amounts of orders throughout Malaysia.

Will Parcel Daily help should any delivery issues occur?

Yes, we have a team of professionals ready to handle any delivery issues such as a lost parcel or damaged parcel. We will advise and assist you to process such a claim.

Does Parcel Daily support my industry?

As long as your parcels do not contain any prohibited items (prohibited items) and are below the maximum weight limit and size limit, we are ready to serve you.

I have already placed an order. Where do I find my airway bill?

Head over to the order list and click on the download icon to download and print your consignment note.

Do I have to print out the airway bill?

Yes, you will need to print the consignment note/airway bill and attach the documents to your parcel.

How do I make a booking?

All orders are made online, via our platform. You just need to register an account with us and you can start making orders.

Does Parcel Daily provide packing services?

No. Users have to pack their parcels on their own and ensure the parcels are packed safely and securely to prevent unwanted damage.

How do I determine the weight of my parcel?

There are two ways of calculating the weight of your parcel. One is the actual weight of the parcel and will be measured in Kilograms (KG). The other is by volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is used when one of the heights, lengths or widths of the parcel exceeds 30cm.

Your parcel weight will be determined based on the heaviest, either actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. When you are getting a quote, you are required to input the heavier of these weights.


Is there a size or weight limit for the parcels?

Yes, there is a size limit. The courier will not accept any parcels where its height, length or width exceeds 150cm. There is also a weight limit of 30kg.

What happens if my parcel is heavier than declared?

When creating an order on Parcel Daily, you are required to enter the weight of the parcel. By entering the weight and dimensions of your shipment during booking, you are agreeing to pre-paying for the postage.

To calculate the total postage of each consignment, ParcelDaily will take into consideration:
1. the dimensions and weight of each consignment in charging for our courier service(s); and
2. if the actual weight of a consignment is different from the volumetric weight

The courier will check on the dimensions and weight of each consignment after the collection of the consignment. If the shipment is deemed heavier or larger as compared to the declared weight by the courier, extra charges for the additional weight will be automatically charged to your Parcel Daily account based on the weight validated by the courier company. Additional charges will be at Parcel Daily's normal rate.

in the event of weight discrepancies and/or dispute, you agree that ParcelDaily shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to set off or deduct any amount due and payable to ParcelDaily from your ParcelDaily credits or to charge your debit or credit card(s) saved in your ParcelDaily account. Please be informed that the final payable amount shall be determined by our respective courier partner. Should you have any enquiries in regard to the weight discrepancy and/or dispute or the final payable amount, such enquiries must be raised to us via our live chat within seven (7) days from the date of notification/deduction of your credit deduction or the charging of your credit card(s) whichever is earlier. With the expiry of this time limit, you acknowledge and agree to the calculated amount as correct and the right to challenge with regard to the weight discrepancy and/or dispute or the payment amount is deemed to have been waived.

In the event that you would like to challenge on the weight discrepancies and/or disputes, please note that you will need to provide photographic evidence of the actual consignment on a weighing scale with the weight being displayed. In the event that you are unable to provide photographic evidence, we are unable to assist in disputing the claims.

Does Parcel Daily provide flyers?

We provide free flyers for users who top up RM500 and above. Flyers are available for purchase from our webstore.

Why is the price quoted different from the previous quote I received?

This may be due to several factors:

• Rates adjustment by the courier companies
• Additional surcharge charged by the courier companies
• Different top up packages have different pricing

What is on the prohibited item list?

Please refer to this page.

How long does it take for a COD remittance?

The COD amount will be remitted 3-7 working days after successful delivery.

What happens if the COD amount is not collected?

If the goods are delivered but full payment is not collected, the courier company will be fully responsible and compensate as per the collectable amount.

How do I get additional coverage for my parcels?

All you need to do is simply tick the option when you are getting a quote and key in the sum you wish to insure for and our system will calculate the additional premium.

Are there any items that are restricted from the additional insurance coverage?

Yes, all items in the prohibited item list are not covered under insurance. Additionally, highly fragile items and perishable goods are not covered by insurance.

Please note that Parcel Daily is not responsible for any insurance claims, we act as an intermediary between users, courier companies and insurance providers. We only assist users in submitting and facilitating the claims to the courier companies and/or insurance companies. Parcel Daily is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any rejected insurance claim.

Users are required to furnish all required documents and evidence upon request. Any failure to do so might result in a failure in the claims process, in which case Parcel Daily shall bear NO RESPONSIBILITY in the event that the claim is unsuccessful.

When do I need to submit my insurance claim?

For compensation claims, all damaged parcels must be reported within 3 working days upon receiving the parcel.

Users are responsible for any additional cost that is not covered by the basic insurance coverage for their lost or damaged parcel.

Do I need additional insurance coverage for my parcels?

We recommend you do so for peace of mind in the unlikely event your parcel gets damaged or goes missing.

Is Parcel Daily responsible for any insurance claims?

No, Parcel Daily accepts no responsibility for/or liability to shipper or consignee should there be any failure to a claim as Parcel Daily is just an intermediary connecting users to the service provider.

Parcel Daily also accepts no responsibility should the shipper or consignee fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions imposed by the courier companies or the insurance provider.

How do I claim my parcel insurance coverage in the event something happens to my shipment?

Should there be a need to claim, users can submit their claims to us (directly). Parcel Daily will require the cooperation of the user to provide all relevant and necessary documents and supporting evidence, and we shall assist in submitting the claim to the courier companies or insurance provider.

Parcel Daily shall not be liable or responsible for any failed or rejected claims which are a result of any non-compliance by the user, insufficient evidence, or any justification provided by the courier companies or insurance provider.

How long does it take to process any insurance claim?

A claim usually takes within 30 working days from the date of submission of all required and necessary documents and evidence to the courier company or insurance provider. Within 30 days, a final decision will be provided to the courier companies or insurance provider as to whether the claim is successful or rejected.

Parcel Daily cannot be held responsible for any delay in any claim verdict.

How and when will the claim be paid out?

For successful claims, courier companies or insurance providers will reimburse the amount to Parcel Daily and Parcel Daily will in turn reimburse the user on the claim amount. Courier companies and insurance providers will usually reimburse the amount to Parcel Daily within 14 working days upon certifying a successful claim. Parcel Daily usually requires a further 7 working days to reimburse the amount to users.

Parcel Daily shall not be responsible for any delay in reimbursements to users, should there be any delay in reimbursement to Parcel Daily by the courier companies and/or the insurance provider.

What exclusions/kinds of damage will cancel/void out my coverage?

Loss or damage caused by the following scenarios is not covered:

• War and strikes
• Improper packaging or shipment (please refer to our prohibited item list and packaging guideline)
• Rusting, oxidation, decolourisation, bending, chipping, marring and scratching
• Mechanical, electrical and electronic derangement or breakdown pair & set clause
• Software programming errors
• Loss of data
• Terrorism
• Radioactive contamination, chemical, biological, biochemical and electromagnetic weapons
• Loss or damage arising from custom, police or any governmental body detention

Please note that this list is non-exclusive and non-exhaustive.

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